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1.1. The basis of this contract is: information placement in website (virtual space) Client in provider's server, domain registration and informational services. Service list, provided to Client by provider is in annex 1 of this contract.

2.1. The Provider obligates:
2.1.1. To provide the Client with the services, which were ordered and for which was paid according to this contract.
2.1.2. To place information (in the virtual space) in Clients website .
2.1.3. To provide the Client with the informational support by consultations by email or in the forum.
2.2. The Client has a right:
2.2.1. To stop provision of the services for a necessary planned prophylaxis or maintainance works in Providers equipment, about which the Client is notified not less than before 12 hours, telling the length or works as well.
2.2.2. Blokuoti prijim prie Usakovo informacijos, aptikus aikius etikos ar statym paeidimus.
2.2.3. To make price change (change does not reflects the period, for which it was paid previously).
2.3. The Provider obligates:
2.3.1. In time inform the Client about the changing information, indicated in the section 8 of this contract.
2.3.2. To support in their website acceptable standards of web usage (http://www.ofisp.org/documents/ofisp-008.html) and not to perform activities, whcih would harm the Provider or server users.
2.4. The Client has the right:
2.4.1. To change the ordering services in the borders of this contract.

3.1. According to this contract the prices of services provided is set according to the tariffs, indicated in the Official Provider's website - http://Buxar-Host.com.
3.2. The payment for these services according to the contract is made by Client, it is paid in litas in advance.
3.3. The payment date is set according to money transfer from WebMoney, Yandex.Dengi, Rupay or Client's bank account.

4.1. For not fulfilling the duties of this contract, or for inappropriate actions the Provider and the Client carries responsability with their own property, according to the laws.
4.2. The Provider is not responsible for Client's information, data ir material content.
4.3. The Provider is not responsible for Client's information access quality, connected with Internet web functions - because of providers, town telephone stations, subscriber's equipment functions,that are not in the Providers competence.
4.4. The Provider is not responsible for damage or loss, after suspending or removing website, when the Client does not obey the obligations stated in the contract.
4.5. The Provider and The Client are not responsable for the damage made to the third parties, connected with the illegal distribution of information, and information and material usage in the Provider's web.
4.6. If the Client will not obey the obligations stated in the 3 and 6 sections of this contract and its annexes, the Provider suspends further service provision.

5.1. The Provider and the Client carry no responsability for partial or total disobedience to the obligations, if it is connected with force majeur, e.g.: fire, flood, earthquake, war or any other circumstances, that can not be controlled and which had straight influence on the obligations.In this case, the obligations are postponed for the time, when the force majeur circumstances were active.
5.2. The pary, which has some difficulties to execute contract obligations, must inform another party about such circumstances in 15 days, about the beginning and the end of these circumstances.

6.1. To place material, that contradicts to the intarnational laws and does not satisfy web ethics tendencies.
6.2. To make not permitted access to net resources tests, lead or take part in net attacks and net hacking.
6.3. To create shark software and overuse equipment, and inter net parts which size exceeds potencial needed for normal server work and separate element reach.Limits: CPU user's - 1%, memory's - 5%.
6.4. To install IRC, proxy servers, proxy checkers, doorways managers, mail bombers, anonymous mailers, IP spoofers, port scanners, nph-proxy, ultimate bulletin board, lstmrge.cgi, FormMail.cgi, FormMail.pl, net bots and others, not compatible with hosting programmes.
6.5. To use our services for illegal activities, transfer, saving or providing, any information, data or material contradicting Federal, National or local laws.
6.6. To send emails, not wanted by receiver with advertising, comercial or agitating content, and also emails, with rude and offensive expressions or suggestions.

7.1. The contracts takes power from the moment when both sides signes it and is valid till the parties follow the contract obligations.
7.2. The contract is signed for one month and automatically is prolonged for one more month if the parties follow the contract obligations.
7.3. The contract can be terminated on 1 part initiative, providing another party with the written warning not later than 30 days before the estimated termination date.
7.4. The Provider can terminate the contract without any warning if the Client does not follow the contract obligations and/or breaks any of this contract sections.


Please read everything carefully.
If you have any questions visit our Forum, read Frequently Asked Questions or Contact us.

Home Hosting Domains Resellers For partners About us Support Billing Forum Clients FAQ

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